If one analyzes the term: Metaphysical Revelations, by considering the two separate words, this is what may be found:

meta-, prefix meaning "beyond", "behind", or "along with"; hence, "metaphysical", adj. - beyond, behind or along with that which is physical

revelation, n - the act or process of disclosing something previously secret or obscure, especially something true

Simply put, the world-at-large is waking up. It is discovering - or perhaps more accurately, re-discovering - the existence, influence and providence of the metaphysical or what might aptly be called the non-physical aspect of Life. The metaphysical aspect of Life does not replace or supplant the "physical" aspect - that which Man may see, hear, smell, taste or touch; nor is it intended to do so. Rather, it corresponds with and compliments it. In fact. both aspects (the physical and the metaphysical) have their proper places to occupy. The result of placing both aspects in their proper place, is the realization of a complete, full and substantial life experience, just as one cannot have an "inside without a corresponding outside", or an "outside without a corresponding inside".

Moreover, a little investigation will reveal that certain discoveries in modern-day physical science are substantiating what can be found as core tenets of various schools of philosophy, religion and other forms of spiritual science, dating back thousands of years. Briefly, those tents state, that the metaphysical aspect of Life, if and when properly understood and applied in a particular manner, exercises a specific, definite and predictable influence upon - literally - all areas of the physical aspect.

Such is the primary purpose of this website and its contents - to put before the visitor that simple yet significant fact, across many areas of that which is Life; not merely for the sake of imparting theoretical knowledge, but also pointing the way towards the practical use of such knowledge.

Additionally, it should be stated in advance that much of what will be presented here is the outcome of a reasoning process, rather than discoveries made via physical science. This often proves to be a stumbling-block for those who are not acquainted in any degree with the subject of Metaphysics. Such persons are more apt to either request or even demand to be provided with "hard evidence" or "scientific proof" of any claims for what Metaphysics is about - let alone any mention of the possibilities contained in it. If a person wants to be provided with such evidence or proof, it is entirely their right to do so, and this Author will not attempt to dissuade them from seeking such out. However, and in accordance with the words of a present-day authority, who may be referred to as this discussion progresses, any such seekers will probably not be satisfied with any evidence or proof, unless they seek it out and discover it for themselves - something which is quite possible to do in this so-called Information Age. In addition, and by virtue of its very nature, even the physical science of our present time is a very long way off from securing any sort of substantial "scientific proof" about what Metaphysics is, even if in some instances, it can offer proof about some of its claims (if not all). Notwithstanding, that same proof of certain claims can also be obtained via careful study of the discourses and postulations recorded by many of the noted authorities on the subject - a few of whom shall be mentioned here, in due course.

Of course, it should always be borne in mind, that what you the visitor may or may not do, with what is presented hereby, is ultimately up to you. The only advisory that will be made at this moment regarding what a person may do with this information, which will be covered in more detail elsewhere, is that, if you are not aware of it, then you should become aware of the universal existence and eternal operation of that great principle often referred to in philosophy as Cause and Effect.


The following might be considered more useful to the person who may be encountering this information for the first time, and this Author does not profess to intuitively know the level of exposure of any visitor to this sort of information, whether via the contents of this website, or from any other source. Nonetheless, unless the visitor has both some level of exposure to this sort of information, as well as a measure of practical application of it, the honest opinion of this Author is that it will do little good to randomly jump to any particular section or page, with little or no apprehension of the relation of the various topics and subjects to one another - any more than, for example, a child who demonstrates what might be considered a "kindergarten" level of intellectual aptitude could be expected to grasp, let alone understand, the intricacies of post-graduate-level quantum physics.

It is for that particular reason that, even though navigation buttons are provided for all pages of content on the left-hand-side of any page, this Author has volunteered to "lay out", for want of a better description, a "road map" of the Main Topics to be found on this website, and their various sub-topics. It is recommended that the visitor (in particular, the novice) progress through the various sections in a particular order, so that as they inevitably encounters the later topics, they have a foundation upon which to apprehend the contents of those later topics.

The recommended way to progress through this website and its contents are outlined below:


Here is to be found an outline discourse on just what Mind is and what Mind Power is all about. This section is further sub-divided into five inter-related topics (listed in order of presentation):

As A Man Thinketh * Thought Power * Universal Mind * Anima Mundi * Mind Body Connection


Here is presented a discourse on the phenomenon of Outward Manifestation, or the production of visible and tangible results in the physical world, and consideration of the reason or reasons for it. As before, this section is further sub-divided into five inter-related topics (listed in order of presentation):

Cause and Effect * Mind Over Matter * Conscious Creation * Faith * Bible Promises


Here is a discussion on the Human Mind, primarily from the philosophical & metaphysical standpoint. In similar manner, this section is further sub-divided into five inter-related topics (listed in order of presentation):

How The Mind Works * Mental Faculties * The Subconscious Mind * Power of Suggestion * Mind Programming


This page offers a look at Science and Religion and their inter-relation with each other, viewed from the metaphysical standpoint. Once again, this section is further sub-divided into five inter-related topics (listed in order of presentation):

Spiritual Science * Good and Evil * Creation and Evolution * Anti-Christ * What Happens After Death


As the name implies, the primary subject of this page is the field of study and practice commonly known in our present time as New Thought, inclusive of some inter-related topics. As before, five inter-related topics follow the main discussion (listed in order of presentation):

The Bible * Thomas Troward * Universal Law * Joseph Murphy * Spiritual Awakening

With that, and before inviting the visitor to proceed to the first section ("Mind Power"), here is something that this author would like to share - something which the visitor may wish to, so-to-say, keep in mind, as they progress through the contents of these and other pages. A very wise individual, who shall be introduced to those who explore this site further, stated something very profound during his lifetime, which is actually just as relevant in our time:

"No writer or lecturer can convey an idea into the minds of his audience. He can only put it before them, and what they will make of it depends entirely upon themselves. Assimilation is a process that no-one may carry out for us."

NOTE: As of February 6, 2013, the basic contents of this Site have been published. In the course of adding additional content, this Author will also include an "About Me" section or page, as well as a means to formally "Contact Me". Until such is, so-to-say, "up-and-running, if anyone encountering this website and its contents has a desire to contact this Author, they may do so via the e-mail address listed hereunder - address will have to be manually entered; doing it this way is likely to discourage all but the most persistent of certain individuals who, so-to-say, go around capturing e-mail addresses for somewhat nefarious purposes:

metaphysicalrevelations at (NOTE: replace word "at" with ampersand "@")

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