That there is such a thing as spiritual science, in rather similar manner as there exists physical science, or for that matter, any other field or branch of science, should not come as a surprise to anyone. One might recall a definition of science, which was put forth in one or more previous discussions as: a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of various general principles. Simply stated, just as the scientific method gradually led Man to discover the existence and operation of what are commonly called the physical laws of nature, it has been discovered through the scientific method (albeit through different processes), that there indeed exists what might be called spiritual laws. Perhaps more significant is the fact, perhaps more commonly known in times past, but which is gradually being discovered - or more precisely, re-discovered in our present day - that there exists both a physical nature or aspect to the universe and all that exists therein, as well as a spiritual nature, and that one should not restrict themselves to the knowledge or understanding of one nature only, to the exclusion or denial of the other, but rather, both natures should be understood and comprehended, so as to constitute a harmonious whole. And, as might be expected, the study and comprehension of spiritual science is the way to accomplish this.

It is reasonably fair to take up the position that the physical nature of the universe is rather well-known, although in our time, advances in physical science (specifically, that branch commonly referred to as quantum mechanics), have, so-to-say, been seeking to push the analysis and definition of matter further and further along the path, from the atom, to its basic components (electrons, protons, neutrons), to the so-called "quarks", and in our time, the so-called "Higgs-Bosun" particle, and to whatsoever lies beyond this point. Notwithstanding, since this discussion is primarily on spiritual science, this is where our emphasis shall reside. Perhaps the first thing that should be established as we proceed, is some starting point from which we may proceed in a regular order. Some (if not much) of what follows has been previously mentioned in one or more previous discourses, but for the purpose of facilitating a more complete understanding of spiritual science, they shall be re-visited here, and, where deemed necessary, expanded upon to a further degree.

It might have been stated previously elsewhere, but it might be beneficial to re-iterate that, whereas physical science appears to reside primarily upon observation of phenomena in the so-called physical universe, the same cannot be said in its entirety for spiritual science. While there are indeed occasions where observations are made of physical phenomena, the postulation of any underlying cause of these phenomena is, more often than not, reached by a course of reasoning. And it should be emphasized that this reasoning process is carried on, until a conclusion is reached which, so-to-say, "makes sense"; it could not be some arbitrary assumption or supposition which has no foundation upon which to stand.

From the earlier discussion on the Universal Mind, it was put forth that each and every serious or genuine attempt to reason out how the universe as we generally know it came into being, came to the following conclusions:

a) All so-called physical matter can ultimately be resolved as having its ultimate origin in a Universal Substance.

b) By definition, Universal Substance (or for brevity, we may simply refer to it as Substance), is homogeneous, and equally distributed throughout Space. From the earlier discussion on Thought-Power, it was also put forward that Substance acts as both a medium for the propagation and transmission of energy through space, as well as the foundation for the formation of Matter.

c) Being homogeneous, Substance by itself did not engage in the various processes that inevitably led to the formation of physical matter, as we know it, but rather, these processes were set in motion by some Original Power or Creative Agency. This Original Power also brought Substance into existence. Similarly, Substance by itself does not originate energy, but rather, and as stated before, it is the distributive medium for the energy which itself originates from the Original Power.

Also as stated before, this Original Creative Agency, is what philosophy and religion (on the whole) generally refer to as Spirit. It has also been stated before that the Original Power has been known and is known by many other names, but again for brevity, the name "Spirit" shall be used here; if the visitor feels more at ease by substituting another term with which they are more familiar, they are free to do so.

The fact that Substance - and by extension, all physical matter - is ultimately originated from Spirit, by itself reveals a significant truth; namely, that everything that exists in the so-called physical world may be said to have a spiritual nature. Additionally, and also as stated previously, a comprehension of spiritual science would reveal that everything in the physical world may ultimately be said to constitute some manifestation, or expression of Spirit; the difference between one form of expression and another being the degree or level of intelligence demonstrated by that form, from so-called "inanimate objects" at the lowest end of the scale, up to Man at the highest end. In fact, Man may more appropriately be considered an "individualization" of Spirit, i.e., a reproduction of the Original Power as an individual being, yet simultaneously remaining unified or connected with Spirit (a point which was first highlighted in the discussion on Mind Power.

Having stated the preceding, it is a good idea to gain more insight into the nature of Spirit, as well as the principles with which Spirit operates - i.e., what might be considered spiritual laws, which themselves constitute what spiritual science seeks to impart and reveal to the student.

From the discussion on Universal Mind, it was revealed that the Original Power or Spirit, being the Principal (or Source) of Life, could only have one motive for its action, and that is: to express Life. And since Spirit has been postulated to be both Infinite and Eternal, this motive to express that which it is (Life) must be an Infinite and Eternal Progression. But further consideration of what spiritual science has to impart would also reveal that Expression (of whatever degree) can only occur through the creation of a Form. Hence, it is part of the nature of Spirit to, so-to-say, engage in the process of manifestation, i.e., to inevitably express itself in a particular Form, just as (to paraphrase the words of an authority on the subject) it is the nature of candle wax to solidify when cooled, or plaster-of-Paris to harden when it comes in contact with the air - the type or nature of the Form that comes into being is, so-to-say, related to the Intelligence which sets in motion that Creative Process by and through which "thoughts become things". Expressed another way, Creation is a perpetual process, whether on the scale of the entire universe (the Macrocosm), or on the scale of the individual (the Microcosm), and Thought or Mental Action is the one and only agency which sets Creation into motion, and manifestation in a corresponding physical form, constitutes the ultimate outcome of the Creative Process.

Thus far, it can be put forth that spiritual science contains, as one of its foundational tents, the fact that Spirit possesses a motive or tendency to express itself - or perhaps more precisely, to express itself in, so-to-say, greater and greater degrees of livingness, and that expression takes place through manifestation in physical form. But a little consideration would clearly reveal that a thing can only express that which it is, and not that which it is not. Now, some careful consideration of spiritual science would inevitably reveal that, if one clearly recognizes and realizes what might be said to constitute Spirit, then they would also discover that certain things should really not exist - a point which shall be covered in more detail, elsewhere. There are many different ways to explain and define what Spirit is, and the reader can seek to trace it out for themself; in fact, it might be considered a useful exercise to discover this on their own, rather than simply accept what this Author or another might tell them, but it is possible to deduce from spiritual science that the particular qualities, powers and properties that might be considered to constitute that of which Spirit is composed are (in no specific order):

LIFE - being or existence, which is related to the state of consciousness exhibited by an Individual

HEALTH - the ultimate manifestation of Life by an Individual, in and through a physical form

INTELLIGENCE - the standard of measurement for the livingness or quality of Life demonstrated by an Individual

POWER - the measure of creative activity which may be demonstrated by an Individual

OPULENCE - abundance, which, on the scale of Spirit, may be considered Infinite in capacity

LOVE - a desire to bring about the increase, expansion and fuller expression of Life

The preceding may be said to constitute the generic character or nature of Spirit, i.e., the attributes, properties, qualities, etc., that are expressed and demonstrated naturally or spontaneously. The physical world is filled with many examples of phenomena that might be considered as exhibitions of generic nature, e.g.:

a) In the so-called natural order of things, water always flows from a higher level to a lower level, or in layman's terms, it flows downstream, and never upstream.

b) Similarly, electricity always flows from a higher potential to a lower potential, and never in the opposite direction.

In like manner, Spirit may be said to possess a generic nature or character, against which it never, ever transgresses. This generic character has been expressed in many different ways, but for the purpose of this discussion on spiritual science, it may be summed up in a single word:


As previously stated, it is possible to deduce from spiritual science that Spirit's generic character results in its perpetual operation towards the increase, expansion and fuller expression of its generic nature - namely, Goodness. And, as stated before, being Infinite or Universal, Spirit's operation according to its generic character, can only be for said increase, expansion and fuller expression, to manifest and demonstrate itself "over ALL, in ALL and through ALL", i.e., in and through ALL of creation. It cannot act for increase, expansion and fuller expression in one part or area only, to the exclusion or diminution of another; such a mode of operation would essentially set Spirit against itself, which would constitute a self-destructive activity. And, by virtue of Spirit being an Infinite and Eternal entity, coupled with the revelation that, when all is said and done, everything is ultimately derived from Spirit, that which may be considered its "lifeward" tendency must be ever-present in and through ALL that exists - even if or when there is no evidence of the working of this tendency that may register upon the physical senses. It therefore follows that Spirit's lifeward tendency is both an infinite and eternal progression, which never deviates or alters from its course.

If one wanted to visualize the perpetual forward and upward movement of Spirit, a large and fast-flowing river may serve as an excellent analogy. One need not be versed or experienced in geography or any so-called earth science to appreciate that, if, for example, a person wanted to travel to some destination located upstream along the river, by traversing the river (whether they wade, swim, or ride in a boat or some other vessel), it requires, relatively speaking, a tremendous amount of energy to move against the natural flow of the river. Now, on the scale of the physical world, it is indeed possible to calculate with reasonable accuracy the amount of energy necessary to travel against the natural flow of a river, and by arranging things in a proper order, it is possible to move against the flow. However, on the scale of the infinite and eternal entity known as Spirit, careful consideration will reveal that, when all is said and done, it is literally impossible to summon or gather enough energy to move in the opposite direction to Spirit's natural movement. Even if one may appear to do so for a time, that movement is little more than an appearance; sooner or later, the one who seeks to move in an opposite direction to Spirit will sooner or later be overwhelmed.

On the other hand, via the analogy of the large, fast-flowing river, if one desired to travel to some downstream destination, it is obvious that, if the person travels along the river, via either of the methods stated before, it requires (by comparison) very little additional energy to reach the destination; in some cases, one might almost literally let the natural flow of the river carry them to their destination. Once more, on the plane of Spirit, careful consideration of what might be learned from spiritual science would reveal that, if one moves "with the forward and upward movement of Spirit", they would literally find themselves being naturally and easily carried forward to a particular destination, with almost a bare minimum of effort. It should be understood that, the movement with Spirit referred to here, is not a physical activity, but rather, it describes one's mental activity - more specifically, it refers to some Desire that a person has formulated and seeks to realize.

Desire has, as one of many definitions: a strong feeling, whether it be deemed worthy or unworthy, that impels to the attainment or possession of something that is (in reality or imagination) within reach. Expressed another way, unless Desire is present, virtually nothing happens, in any area of Life. It can be substantially propositioned that the Desire is the originating movement that starts any and every sequence of causation into motion. However, just because a Desire exists for a particular thing, that does not automatically or necessarily mean that the thing aimed at is, to borrow the words of the old Latin phrase, "meet and right so to do". And some of the wisest authorities who have ever discovered the working of spiritual science have, in their respective ways, ever sought to recommend to their respective audiences, that they should consider a simple question which might be considered the acid test as to whether a particular Desire should be pursued to realize the manifestation of the particular thing which lies at its heart. The test question may have been expressed in various forms, but it ultimately comes down to this:

"Does the object aimed at and its manifestation result in the expansion and fuller expression of Goodness, or to its contraction and restriction?"

It may seem overly simple, but careful consideration would reveal that this is one of those instances where they is - literally - no middle ground. An individual can and will either place themself in harmony with the natural movement of Spirit, or in opposition to it. And since, as stated previously, the creative power of thought is perpetually in operation, some form or manner of manifestation will inevitably occur, which corresponds to the mental conditions established by the individual. And this leads to another significant revelation, and one which shall be addressed in further detail a little further on - namely that, according to all observations to date, there exists one and only one entity in the so-called physical universe, who seems to be capable of reproducing the thought or mental action exhibited by Spirit - specifically, Man. The only difference is that the thought of Spirit inevitably produces effects upon the Macrocosm or entire universe, whereas the thought of an individual person produces effects upon the Microcosm, or the individual's personal world, but, as stated before, the quality of creative power is exactly the same.

And there is at least one reason why anyone who has, so-to-say, awoken to realize the existence of spiritual science, should seriously address the test question stated previously. In the discussion on Cause and Effect, it was stated that any sequence of primary causation which produces a particular effect, itself sets in motion a sequence of secondary causation, and the so-called manifestations which arise out of secondary causation will correspond to that which came into being through the initial sequence of primary causation. Simply put, any manifestation which ultimately leads to expansion and fuller expression of Goodness will inevitably produce more of the same through the operation of secondary causation. And the converse is also true, if the initial manifestation leads to contraction and restriction.

It can be put forward, in closing, that the study and understanding of spiritual science, irrespective of the particular form or course of study undertaken, is neither for the mere accumulation of knowledge, nor for the mere acquisition of powers corresponding to the knowledge accumulated, but rather, it is to support the "meet and right" employment and exercise of any and all such powers. Again, as stated previously, there is no "middle ground" - or, as first mentioned in the discussion on Cause and Effect, there is no allowance for ignorance; a truth expressed previously by the Latin phrase: "ignorantia legis neminem excusat" - ignorance of the law does not excuse anyone from its operation. Put simply, the proper employment and exercise of said powers inevitably leads to liberty and freedom - whether individually, or collectively. Conversely, improper employment of these powers inevitably results in bondage and limitation. Each and every individual is going to move, or may be considered as already moving in either one direction or the other, and a proper understanding of spiritual science can aid and assist anyone to move in what can only be considered the right direction.

For the purpose of providing additional information for reference and research on the subject of spiritual science, the following external web links are offered. Clicking on either link will open a new browser window:

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